Anyone can come to counselling or psychotherapy.

Are you feeling low, stuck, struggling, not coping, feeling stressed, panicky or overwhelmed? Is talking to friends or family not helping? Seeking counselling or psychotherapy is the next step.

Confidential counselling and pyschotherapy provide short or long term support for a variety of issues. Counselling is often seen as shorter term relief whereas psychotherapy is normally long term or even open ended to afford exploration at depth and resolution rather than just relief.

Periods of distress, anxiety or low mood can begin to affect the whole person with often inexplicable physical symptoms such as headaches and gastric problems making life miserable. Talking therapies can help to lessen these symptoms, with the addition of some lifestyle changes, eventually getting rid of them entirely.

The Counselling and Psychotherapy Centre is based in the Lisburn Road, easily accessible from central Belfast, Malone and Stranmillis as well as from greater Belfast and beyond. The centre is served by both bus and train stations and has great access by car from the main road and motorway network.

You can refer yourself by emailing through on the contact us page or by calling either the centre number or Chrissie direct on her mobile number.